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Ways of Speaking

2023- ongoing

Exploration of the Theory of Technological Mediation by Peter Paul Verbeek, designing a common language between humans and place.

"No matter how much our own species preoccupied us, life is a far wider system. Life is complex interdependence of matter and energy among millions of species beyond (and within) our own skin.
Without 'the ot
her,' we do not survive."

Lynn Margulis


The relations we have built with our surroundings are often of domination and exploitation. More than ever, it is time for re-imaginings. To create a language that draws us closer to our surroundings. That teaches us to understand our interconnectedness with our surroundings, the intelligence that we share our spaces with, and the collective intelligence that forms our surroundings.

How would it be if we could build a language with which we could communicate with the collective intelligence that is our surroundings, our spaces, our landscapes?
What would it mean to live amongst the nonhuman (biological, systemical, technological, etc.) 
intelligence that we share the world with? What would we learn about the world and about ourselves that we are not able to see yet?

In this project, I have made the first steps in building a sound-language triggered by our surroundings, subverting surveillance technologies into translators.

This project is still in the design-phase. I wish to work with a generative music composer.

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