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2023- ongoing


Research of the webcam as a cinematic medium.
A non-narrative film showing footage from CCTV cameras as a poetic yet alienating cinematic film that explores the role of the internet gaze in our public and private spaces. 

2023- ongoing

The relations we have built with our surroundings are often of domination and exploitation. More than ever, it is time for re-imaginings. To create a language that draws us closer to our surroundings. That learns us to understand our interconnectedness with our surroundings, with the intelligences that we share our spaces with, the collective intelligences that are our spaces?

How would it be if we could build a language with which we could communicate with the collective intelligence that comes from our surroundings, our spaces, our landscapes?

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-07-25 om 15.34.34.png
Schermafbeelding 2022-12-24 om 11.41.41.png



Exploration of the dynamics between looking, being seen, and disappearing.

The body's relation to its environment, objects, to the camera, and the one behind the camera.
Nostalgic, eerie portraits of unfulfilled desire and a search for intimacy.



Research to the collective memory of what it means to be human
How do human being, in all their spectrums, look like according to Artificial Intelligence? What does it mean to be a naked and vulnerable human in front of the camera?
In this project, I translated the collective photographs from digital data into material objects. 




Forgetting Man 911' is a video projection from 2020. In this project I experiment with mediums and materials. We are witnessing the decay of Richard Drew's 'Falling Man', a process that closely resembles the biological rotting process until only the skeleton of the photo is remaining.


De-construct and re-construct a physical intimate enclosure into a digital space.

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