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"Geest & Machine" is a research paper that explores themes of technology, voyeurism, and identity through the experiences of the characters Spider and Nachtdonker.

Using a fictional story as its medium, the paper follows the journey of the voyeur Spider, who becomes trapped in their own desires and seeks the help of retired psychoanalyst Nachtdonker. Through a dialogue of monologues between the two, the paper explores the impact of technology on human consciousness and relations, the

system of networked cameras as an extension of the Self, the power dynamics of voyeurism between observer / observed, and the desire to look without being seen in the face of ubiquitous surveillance and control.

これらのプロジェクトでは、機械がどのように世界を人間の知覚に変換することで認識できるようになるかを調査しています。この中で、私は物理的空間と人体を調査します。このために、機械学習、人工知能、写真測量、3D スキャンなどのテクノロジーを使用しています。

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