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Jeroen Zwaap (Rotterdam (NL), 1980) is a Dutch-Turkish queer visual artist and explorer, technovoyeur, and UFO-enthusiast. Zwaap uses voyeurism as a practice to form his own perception of the world and to explore, resist and challenge existing ones. He always works on the verge of photography and media-ecologies of looking, where the internet has become his camera. 

He graduated in 2023 from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, where he currently is studying in the masters program 'Photography & Society'.

Artist Statement
The devices and technologies we use and how they connect us define our era. With each technological development, we become more intimately connected to our devices. We increasingly begin to perceive the world and ourselves through the lens of our 

With the emergence of the Internet, surveillance technologies,  and artificial intelligence, our visual culture (looking, being seen, and becoming invisible) has strongly become entangled with our humanity and how we form our relationships with the world around us. As a maker, I am both amazed and enticed by the new possibilities this offers. However, I am also concerned about what it means to be human in a world where the boundaries between humans and our machines are shifting. Or, as Nora Khan once aptly wrote:

"Because we struggle more and more to define ourselves in relation to machine intelligences, we are forced to develop a language to describe them."

About my practice

In my practice, I explore the shifting boundaries between humans and machine intelligences, and what it means when our relations with the world around us are being mediated by machines.

These questions I explore and reflect on through my voyeuristic tendencies. Voyeurism is, for me, a practice that is not necessarily about exercising power over others but rather the power to create and weave a tapestry of reality that is both personal and fictional.

Through this process of observing and creating, I can exercise a kind of control over my own perception of the world. And explore and challenge existing ones.

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